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About Us

Our Dirty Story

     Enright Gardens has been in business for over 40 years, starting with only one greenhouse and have grown from there. 

     Steve and Sue came to Edgerton in 1976 where they built their first greenhouse and began growing mostly tomatoes and vegetables. The harvested vegetables were sold at the Kansas City River Market. After a few years, they decided to follow in Sue's parent's footsteps and began raising flowers too. As their focus shifted from raising vegetables to grown bedding plants, more greenhouses were erected. 

     A love for growing quality plants has been part of both Steve and Sue's entire lives, as well as selling the plants at the Kansas City River Market. As children and throughout their teenage years, both Steve and Sue helped raise plants and sold them at the market. In fact, Steve and Sue first met each other at the River Market while selling their goods. 

     Bo, Steve and Sue's only son, was raised in the fields and greenhouses, learning about plants as his parents worked. HE harvested vegetables and melons, watered the flowers, and helped sell the plants at the Market. Bo and his wife Tricia and their children Ethan, Brooklyn, and Lauren are all involved in the business. 

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